Flagstone Work

Are you considering a new flagstone patio or walkway? Maybe you already have one and you want to improve it. Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any landscape.Once you’ve decided to use flagstone you need to determine what material to use between the rocks. You have alot of options; moss or a low growing ground cover, sand, polymeric sand, decomposed granite, or mortar to name a few. There are however other options available.

If you want the stability of mortar with out all the effort. You can use EnviroBond. The application is very similar to sand however with a fine mist following installation it becomes a solid yet self healing surface. It creates a living flexible joint from 100% naturally occuring materials. EnviroBond is environmentally friendly and yet also deters weeds growth. The organic-lock swells together to form a glue-like gel that minizes erosion and weed infestation.

While moisture acts to continually activate the gluing properties, it can be removed and reworked or even used elsewhere as the bond remains active.

You have many choices for colors or textures for your flagstone. You can also choose from many options for materials used between the stones. I’ve seen beautiful patios with moss, pebbles or even crushed rocks between the flagstones. The choices are endless.We recommend using 1 – 2 inch flagstones for your project. If you are keeping the gaps small between each stone you can build a 100 square foot patio with 2000 lbs of 1-2 inch flagstone. When estimating the quantity of gravel or sand a ton (2000 lbs) covers approximately 100 square feet at 2 inches depth.