Patios and Walkways

Our 5 Step Process on How We Handle Your Project

With so many options for patio designs, the choices can seem overwhelming. The best plan of action is to immerse yourself in photos and articles that are geared toward giving you ideas. This list of resources will be extremely useful as you learn about all the ways you can design your patio. Research surface textures and colors, learn about how to create focal points, decide which patio size is right for your space or better yet, let us do it for you! Cherry Creek Hardscapes mission is to create the outdoor experience you always dreamed of. Within your budget of course.

Step 1

Landscape Design: Consultation

Start with a free landscape design / landscape feature consultation with MasterPLAN in the comfort of your home, where we will go through pictures and ideas, and discuss all of your material options to get a better feeling of your unique tastes and style. Then we will discuss your project’s budget, and whether you want to have the whole project built at once or have it broken up into multiple phases.

Step 2

Landscape Design: Presentation

Next, We present a one-of-a-kind full-color virtual model of your new outdoor space with all of the new additions you wanted. We walk you through the whole project on the computer focusing on different perspectives and features. At that point, revisions can be made easily to make sure the design is exactly the way you want it. Once the design is perfect, we prepare detailed proposals for the project….

Step 3

Landscape Design: Project Proposals

Now, MasterPLAN presents detailed proposals discussing the costs for the different landscape features from the design. You choose which one you want to go with, to suit your needs and budget.

Step 4

Landscape Design: Project Building

The proposals are accepted and the project is scheduled to be built. MasterPLAN’s teams of specialized, award-winning professional installers will begin handcrafting your new outdoor space.

Step 5

Landscape Design: Lasting Memories

Your new, MasterPLAN-built outdoor addition is complete. Begin enjoying it with friends and family. Don’t forget the camera!

Patio & Walkway Ideas for Landscape Design

Considering landscape design companies for patio or walkway enhancements? Whether you’re thinking about front yard landscaping or backyard landscaping ideas, there are so many material options available for patios and walkways—how do you choose which option is right for you? Which option will last the test of time and perform the way you want it to?

MasterPLAN pride ourselves in considering ALL of the options available and working with you to decide which one best fits you and your unique situation. By weighing the pros and cons of each material and idea, we can come up with a solution that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

Here are a few of the most popular. Talk to us, and find out what else is out there!

Concrete pavers
Stamped concrete
Flagstone and bluestone
Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers offer unmatched versatility, strength, durability and beauty in a landscape design. Pavers are made in many colors, shapes and sizes, so rest assured you will find one you love!

These are a great choice for patios, walkways, and driveways. They are also fantastic for both residential and commercial applications. You will be hard pressed to find another material that will hold up to the test of time like a concrete paving stone will.

There is normally very little required maintenance with concrete pavers. With the introduction of polymeric joint sand, the days of constant paver weeding are over. Polymeric sand is special sand that has a polymer mixed in to help “lock” the sand between the joints. It stays flexible throughout the seasons and will hold up for many years, yet is hard enough to deter most weeds from growing and ants from digging it out.

Stamped Concrete

The days of plain old grey concrete are over! Stamped concrete is now available in a rainbow of colors and textures that will certainly meet or exceed your specific needs.

Stamped concrete has been gaining popularity in the last few decades because it is a cost-effective, attractive alternative to paving stones and cobblestone. It is a great material for backyard patios, in-ground pool surrounds, walkways and other areas.

Stamped concrete or concrete slabs could shift a little over time, leaving small to hairline cracks, but there are proven ways to combat this:

We cut control joints into the newly hardened slab in the proper locations to give the slab a “weak” point to crack. If it cracks in this joint you won’t see it.
We compact the stone under the concrete before the concrete is poured. This is very important because if the base is compacted the slab of concrete won’t move as much.
We add a fiber mesh into the concrete during the mixing process to help “bond” the concrete together better, which helps increase its integrity.
Our build professionals will construct your new concrete patio or walkway to the highest standards. They know exactly how to get you the most life out of your new patio!

Flagstone and Bluestone

If you are looking for a natural, timeless look for your new patio, consider pattern bluestone. By design, pattern bluestone is mixed-size cut pieces of bluestone that fit together like a puzzle. The joint width varies a bit between stones, to give you a more rustic look. People often plant moss or thyme between the stones to give the new patio or walkway an even more natural appearance. Why not let us help you give it a try?